Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday School

I love Sunday School.  There is always something there for me to learn.

Today, it was Lesson 23:  The Lord Be Between Thee and Me For Ever

I needed this lesson given the experiences of my previous post, regarding my previous Ward.

While I have not been perfect in what happened, and have some things to repent of, there is a lesson of being the meek and humble Latter-day Saint vs. being a doormat, even with other Latter-day Saints.

The fact that I am a widow and was not home taught for over a year should speak volumes.  I don't seek for vengeance against these people, they will need to answer to the Lord for what they have done, and the motivation for doing so.  That doesn't mean, though, that the Lord expects me to be a doormat and just simply "take it".

This goes back to David and Saul.

Did David support Saul?  Yes, he continued to fight battles under Saul, even while Saul was trying to have David killed in battle.

Did David lose his respect for Saul?  Yes, it got to the point where David had to go into hiding because Saul lost the respect and trust of both David and Saul's own son, Jonathan.

Did David try to take vengeance against Saul?  No.  David knew that to do so was a violation against God, as vengeance belongs to God.  David, however, also knew that Saul had already lost, in that David would inherit Saul's throne.  He had already been anointed to be the next king.

However, God also gave David the opportunity to confront Saul, which he did and cut the hem of Saul's robe, meaning that Saul had lost the battle.  David did not kill Saul - he was not to be seeking revenge, but David was not expected to be a doormat to Saul and allow Saul to kill him.  David was doing the Lord's will.

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