Sunday, June 14, 2009

This Week I Learned...

This week I learned...

That I don't have to cry anymore on my wedding anniversary.

That Decker still has a sense of humor - starting off the endowment ceremony in Spanish and then asking me (in spirit) why I couldn't understand what was being said.

That it's not just the words being used by Satan that was deceitful, but how he used them and the different types of coercion used by him to get Eve to partake when Adam would not.

That the reason we go all the way to the Celestial Room on behalf of those who are deceased is that they have the same chance that we have to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ and achieve the Celestial Kingdom as those of us on Earth who have received and accepted the ordinances. If they were restricted to the Telestial Kingdom, then why go all the way to the Celestial Room in the Temple?

That we are "valiant in the testimony of Jesus" by using the Sword of the Spirit, in the Armor of God. It is the only part of the armor that is an offensive weapon, all of the rest of the armor is defensive. We are to use this sword to pierce the hearts of our brothers and sisters into a remembrance of Christ.

That the distinction of light between the different degrees of glory is not just symbolic of their differences, but also the distinction of truth and knowledge that will be bestowed upon those inhabiting those kingdoms. Telestial and Terrestrial glories will be given some knowledge, but it will be limited and based upon the degree of glory achieved. Only the Celestial Glory will reveal all, thus the glory of a sun that hides no light, the Celestial Glory will hide no truth and knowledge.

The Sons of Perdition will receive no light, no knowledge, because they took the light that was given them and denied it (or in the terms of the Parable of the Talents, they buried it Matt. 25: 14-30).

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