Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Latest

I'm sorry I've missed the last few days of posting.

A lot of things have developed just over the last week, namely an accidental water leak from my dishwasher to the condo below mine.  My week has been stressful and required a visit to an urgent care for repeated anxiety attacks.  I've been put on medication for that.  Because I'm the Worst Case Scenario Girl like Laurel Christensen.

So, between work and dealing with issues with my home, dealing with issues with my financial situation, it's been pretty much crazy.

A few good things about this past week:

- I'm understanding Job a lot more.
- I was still able to find, each day this past week, at least one way to give a random act of kindness to someone, whether it was a teacher, a student, my Mother and yesterday it was even for myself.
- People (including the neighbors downstairs) were a lot nicer about this than I was expecting.
- I still have a long way to go before the Lord is finished refining me into what he wants me to be.

Hopefully people will continue to be patient with me while I get things worked out.

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