Saturday, January 14, 2012

Diabetes Care

This post is more for me, although I'm sure there are a few others out there who have Diabetes.

I have the adult onset of Type II Diabetes, where too much sugar is going into my bloodstream and is not being regulated properly.  This is controlled by a pill form of medication.  I do not require insulin at this point in time.

What I didn't know, was exactly how this all worked.  I found a link for these videos from the Dr. Oz Show, and I thought I'd post a link to a video I found on this site that makes informational and educational videos on the human body.

Here is one of their videos on Diabetes:

Here is the link to the main web site, I just did a search for Diabetes and found a number of videos on there.

If we are going to talk about becoming healthier, this does not simply mean exercise, but eating properly can also help you to feel better physically, allowing you to be emotionally and spiritually happier.

Here is Dr. Oz's 3 D's to a Healthy Diabetic:

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